September can’t be here already!

September 2017

Say it ain’t so, September can’t be here already!  It has been a lovely summer and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  But here we are with the beauty of fall right around the corner.

This month I complete one year of ministry with you.  What a year it has been.  As I write this I think back to one year ago.  At that time, I didn’t know if I would be approved for ministry and if approved where I would be assigned.  Once I was told I was approved and would be assigned to Mora and Ogilvie I began to pray for our churches and looking to God for the guidance and strength I would need to follow my call into ministry.

I continue to pray for our churches.  God has a mission for us, His people, and what a joy it is to continue to discern how we fit into His plan.  You, my friends are God’s people and His love shines through you in all you do, both inside our walls and out in our communities.  Rod and I felt your love and acceptance from day one and continue to feel it today.

Here at the church fall brings a new schedule and new activities.  This month we have the blessing of the backpacks during worship September 10 and confirmation starting September 13.  Kids head back to school and we get into a new routine.  Oh, what a joy it is to move into a new season with our children.

Friends, I lift you in prayer and I ask you to hold me in prayer.  I am very excited to move into this new season with you and see where God continues to take us.

Pastor Deb

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