Serving others noble, honorable

Think a Minute:
Serving others is a noble, honorable thing in our lives. But there are two great problems in serving others and they are both problems of the human nature, of focusing on our relationships with people instead of our relationship with Christ. The first problem is that people will expect too much of you; and the second, you will expect too much of them. Both of these problems are problems of unrealistic expectations. Expectations must be focused on Christ, not each other. Jesus is the only One who will consistently not let us down. Sometimes we serve others, seeking gratitude to compensate our efforts to improve the human condition. This is a dangerous mentality, because we will inevitably be disappointed. It’s a guaranteed formula for disappointment. Just when you begin to feel good about your labors, someone let you down. Sometimes the Christian gives of himself or herself in service and the recipient still isn’t satisfied, his/her spirit withers a bit more. Then, we wonder, “Why bother?”
My friends, Jesus calls us to serve Him by serving others. But, we must look to Christ alone for gratitude. If you serve Christ, then you will remember to look to Him for your approval, not to human sympathy. He will reward you for serving others; in fact, He is your reward! Amen? Let me ask you today, are you beat down because your service has not been appreciated? Have you been looking for the milk of human sympathy? Go to Jesus and be filled to overflowing. Then you can serve with gratitude. Your expectations will be on the eternal realm.
Prayer for the week: “Father, I have been discouraged by people. They have demanded much and given little in return. I confess I have done my good deeds for them instead of You. I have also let people down. Help me to heal the wounds which come from the unrealistic expectations others have of me. Remove the alternating guilt and anger I feel toward those who demand much but give little. Help me to do my service for Your approval only. In the name of Christ, Amen and Amen!”
Pastor Rob Pesola
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