Stand strong during the storms of life

Think a Minute:

Today, I wish to speak about conquering the storms of life. The most trying situations we face in our personal lives usually have to do with sickness, injury, financial problems, marital strife, relational difficulties, work-related challenges, and, the worst, the passing of someone you love or facing your own impending death. My friends, we need to know that God is with us during these terribly upsetting times. We have to be sure that we can stand strong, no matter what is happening. God requires that the first step be toward Him. We must reach up to Him and say, “Lord, I depend on You. Lead me in the way I should go.” When we do that, He will set us on the correct path, point us in the right direction, and make those paths straight. One major problem, as we face life each day, is that so often we forget to hold on to God’s hand and depend on Him for every step we take. God sometimes allows us to go through difficult situation so that we will learn to depend on Him. When we do, we are better able to stand strong in tough times.

If a storm is raging in your life, pray and read the Bible more. Stand strong in your faith in Christ. Look around for others who are suffering too and pray for them. Don’t be discouraged when it seems there is no hope. God can make a way in the wilderness or darkness. When you are going through hard times, take your eyes off your circumstances and put them on the Lord and His Word. Believe His truth above whatever you are experiencing. This doesn’t mean denying your circumstances; it means believing that God’s Word triumphs over all. Rise above it…Jesus Christ is still Lord of all! Amen!

Prayer for the week: “Lord, I pray You would help me to stand strong in all I know of You. I acknowledge that I am weak, but I rejoice that Your are strong in me – especially during times of trial and difficulty. Help me to learn what I need to know from each challenge I face in my life. Lift me out of any hopelessness, fear, doubt, or frustration. Help me to stand so strong in You that I can stand without wavering, no matter what happens. Fill me with courage and faith and I will rejoice in You! Amen and Amen!”

Pastor Rob Pesola

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