Strong faith in the truth of God’s Word

 I have come to discover something very important in my Christian walk.  A strong faith in the truth of God’s Word is invaluable.  This principle is becoming more and more important to me as I believe it can save your life. We all know that faith in the truth of God’s Word can save your soul, but in the time of trouble, if you know the truth and if you remember the truth, what you know and remember can save you from despair. During an interview on a radio station in Dallas, a pastor took a call from a woman who was going through a hard time in her marriage, with her health, and with some family relationships. As he listened, he realized she was a Christian who felt overwhelmed. The pastor knew he couldn’t solve her problems in two minutes. So he told her that she needed to go back to the first principles and remind herself of those things she knew to be true. “Good theology can save your life,” he told her. At that point the host broke in and said, “But you’re a pastor. You have to say that.”  The pastor replied, “Yes, I am a pastor and I do have to say that, but I say it because it’s true. What you know can save you when life tumbles in around you. What things are we talking about? Here’s a short list:   I have included  this morning for you to have for your own.  This is the truth that is unchangeable in God’s Word.  If you profess to be a Christian, you must know this.
God is good.
God is faithful.
He will never leave me.
His mercy endures forever.
This is no mistake.
God has a purpose.
He is working out his plan for me.
God still loves me.
The Holy Spirit indwells me.
Jesus is alive today.
He will return someday.
The story is told of a pastor who, before one of the services on Sunday, chatted with a friend he hadn’t seen for many months. He and his wife have been through a series of incredibly difficult experiences over the past two or three years. The pastor was at a loss what to preach on and  his friend grabbed the pastor’s hand and said, “Tell the people that God is faithful. Tell them those three words: God is faithful.” Then he added, “I haven’t always been faithful, but God has been faithful to me.” My friends, that’s what faith in God’s Word does. It saves you from despair when hard times come. It literally saves your life. Keep building your faith…take God at His Word…stay strong and rest upon the truth!  Amen!
– Pastor Rob Pesola
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