Summer fun

June 2021

When I think of summer fun many things come to my mind. We often think of summer as a time to kick-back and relax. Maybe we spend time at the beach or at the cabin. Some of us spend more time outdoors in the garden or just sitting on the porch. Summer brings with it activities not available to us during other times of the year.

Here at the church this summer is busy with more change. We are changing as we get back into a “new normal” of how we offer worship opportunities. For the past many months worship has been delivered through the US mail, weekly email blasts, Facebook prerecorded and later YouTube prerecorded services.  As we transition to whatever is the “new normal” is we will be making some changes to the way worship opportunities are offered. This will be a work in progress!

Effective with the June 6 worship service we will discontinue prerecording and transition to a “live stream” service. Live stream means the service will be taped as it happens.  Live streaming is when the streamed video is sent over the Internet in real time, without first being recorded and stored. As I write this Colleen, our office admin, and Rod our tech guru, are working out the details and we will communicate additional details as they are finalized.

We are blessed at the Mora church to have a group of people that have made sure both churches were online during the last 15 months. Hours and hours of work have gone into providing this ministry. All the changes we have experienced have not been easy, but we did it. Now we are changing again as we work out the details to the “new normal.”

Hang in there with us! We will get it all figured out. While we work on it, we ask for your prayers and your understanding as we continue to tweak our way forward. Do know that while we work on technology the doors are open and we are worshiping together. We will welcome you whenever you feel comfortable coming back in the building.

Enjoy your summer fun!

Pastor Deb


Pastor Deb Schaffran is available for home visits and counseling when requested, as well as hospital visits when informed. Remember that the hospital does not inform us of your admission. Pastor Deb can be reached at 952-240-3836.


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