The Christian season of Advent

The month of December brings with it the Christian season of Advent.  Scholars believe the original season of Advent was a time of preparation for the January feast of Epiphany when new Christians were baptized.  By the 6th century Advent had        been aligned with the coming of Christ (coming from the clouds to judge the world) and by the Middle Ages Advent was identified as the time just prior to the birth of Christ.

The season of Advent represents a time of waiting with each of the four Sundays represented by a special candle in an Advent wreath.  The four candles, one lit each Sunday, are symbolic of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.  In addition to the four advent candles we light a fifth candle, the Christ candle, on Christmas Eve.

As God’s people have for centuries we also wait for the return of Christ to consummate.  Today as in those days so long ago we wait and hope in prayerful expectation for the coming of the Messiah.

During this Advent season we are challenged to prepare for the coming of Christ.  In the midst of all the preparation we as modern day Christians contend with we also must prepare our hearts, strengthen our relationship with God and focus on that which God would have us focus.

This Advent season challenge yourself.

  • Set aside time daily to focus on God and allow yourself to grow in your relationship with Him
  • Focus on just how much you need a Savior
  • Learn to faithfully wait upon Him
  • Be refreshed by your Hope in God
  • Identify where you need peace and ask God to help you find that peace
  • Look for joy and rest in the comfort it brings
  • Regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment.  Never be without it.  Colossians 3: 14 (MSG)
  • I pray you will find hope, peace, joy and love this Advent season.Merry Christmas,

    Pastor Deb

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