We are Easter people

April 2021

How quirky, Maundy Thursday falling on April Fool’s Day! The disciples must have had moments of feeling foolish. Their teacher insists on washing their feet. Students were eager to serve their masters in this way, but Jesus is always reversing things, changing it up in ways that were unheard of.

On April Fool’s Day, I’ll ponder the Lord’s Supper as a meal, asking how close does God want to get to us? Not just in the vicinity, or even at the same table rubbing elbows or even embracing. God wants to get inside us.

Oh so much to think about! What I do know in my heart of hearts is that God loves me as no other can. Not only does He love me his love is unconditional and will never stop.

We begin April with Maundy Thursday and that is no April Fool’s joke. We are Easter people, and we are beloved children of God. Thanks Be To God.

Pastor Deb


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