We are small town people at heart

Rod and I call ourselves “small-town people at heart” having both grown up in rural Minnesota.  We still visit the Schaffran family farm, to get our farm fix, where dark is dark and quiet is quiet.    With our rural and small town backgrounds we are ready to settle into Kanabec County.

Meeting and building relationships with the folks of Mora and Ogilvie is top on my priority list of things to do.  So far we have spent the weekends in the parsonage and have had the opportunity to attend a local high school football game and a chili feed.  We were pleasantly surprised when we recognized folks at both events.

Getting to know each other is still a challenge, to say nothing of my bad memory for names.  I envision more opportunities to get acquanted once we are moved and have more time in the area.  Currently we plan to move November 3rd and 4th with the mover loading in Bloomington on the 3rd and unloading in Mora on the 4th.  We haven’t moved in 30 years so you can imagine the challenge ahead of us!

Another challenge is getting to know everyone at Ogilvie and Mora United Methodist Churches, and this is heavy on my mind.  With two churches and no Sunday fellowship time with either one it will be very difficult to get to know folks unless we specifically make plans, so I am asking you to do just that.  I need your help to host Meet and Greet events.

Meet and Greet events are informal gatherings in homes, at the church or local restaurants.  Meet and Greets are often small groups of 5-10 people and me.  We gather together for a time of introductions and conversation.  Just as you may want to know about me I have some questions for you.  I want to know what you love about our church and what you dream about for the future.

Are you willing to host a Meet and Greet?  Plese let me know and together we can plan a time and place.  If you know who you would like to invite great otherwise we will promote the event and provide an opportunity for a sign up.

So far I’ve had the pleasure of meeting folks from Ogilvie at the Food for the Soul gathering the end of September, the Mora monthly Mission potluck and a youth and parents gathering.  I need more!!!  Please help me by letting me know you will host a Meet and Greet.

Rod and I appreciate the welcome you have shown us and we are ready to settle in and follow God’s call to Ogilvie and Mora.

Your Sister in Christ,


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