Church Council as of January 1, 2023
Lay Leader Valerie Prax
Church Council Chairperson David Nordenstrom
Recording Secretary Janell Anderson
Trustee Chairperson Steven Sigstad
Staff Parish Relations Chairperson Steven Sigstad
Finance Chairperson Phyllis Roseberry
Annual Conference Representative Valerie Prax or Janell Anderson
Member at Large Carmel Gorham
Member at Large Rhonda Stegeman
Treasurer Ex Officio Janell Anderson
Financial Secretary Phyllis Roseberry
Membership Secetary Maintained electronically with Leadership Review
Auditor Ex Officio Michael Prax
Missions Representative Chair Vi Tatro
Christian Education Representative Chair Naomi Schultz
Memorials Representative Chair Melanie Halvorson
Committee Members
Steven Sigstad, Chair Alan Roseberry
Ginny Nordenstrom Paula Vanecek
Board of Trustees
Steven Sigstad, Chair Dave Smith
Bruce Mosher Lanny Stegeman
David Nordenstrom Jarek Sundet
Phyllis Roseberry, Chair Mike Prax, Auditor
Al Roseberry Janell Anderson, Treasurer
Jan Anderson
Nominations and Personnel
Pastor Lay Leader
Communication & Technology
Valerie Prax, Chair Melanie Halvorson
Robin Priebe Phyllis Roseberry
Bruce Mosher
Christian Education
Naomi Schultz BrieAnn Merkwan
Jackie Voight Mackenzie Merkwan
Christine Sundet
Memorial Committee
Melanie Halvorson, Chair & Secretary Jan Anderson
Robin Priebe Steven Sigstad, Trustee Chair
Carmel Gorham
Vi Tatro Dianne Mayer
Janell Anderson
Permanent Endowment
Bob Halvorson Mike Anderson
Janell Anderson Phylis Roseberry
Worship Chairperson Melanie Halvorson
Acolyte Coordinator
Altar and Communion Coordinator Gayle Bergloff
Altar Committee
Gayle Bergloff Cheri Jacobson
Jan Anderson Ruth Smith
Marilee Jensen
Communion Steward
Don Ripperton
Praise Team
Melanie Halvorson
Sound and Lights
Alan Roseberry David Zins
Valerie Prax Sam Zins
Robin Priebe