Why not say thank you throughout the day?

November 2018

Pastor’s Thoughts:

Have you heard or read the statement: “What if You Only Had Tomorrow What You Thanked God for Today?” I find this statement to be quiet humbling. If we are honest with ourselves we might have to acknowledge that we would have very little.

We are a society consumed with self. It’s good to be reminded of our need to spend more time in His presence in thanksgiving not just more time asking for stuff from Him but thanking Him for what we have.

What’s to stop us from praying all the time. Why not say “thank you” throughout the day? This prayer of saying “thank you” does not mean we ignore the needs, the pain, the suffering in our world. It does mean that we increase our awareness that God is at work, in the midst of all we encounter.

I remember clearly my days as a college student, fulltime employee, mom of two elementary age kids, wife and volunteer in my church and the kid’s activities. My days were busy balancing all that I had taken on.

One day, I felt overwhelmed by all that was supposed to fit into that 24-hour period of time. I described myself as a slow-moving turtle trying to cross a busy street and not being sure if I would make it unscathed.

It didn’t seem possible to get everything done. By the grace of God, in the midst of my panic, I realized I had much to be grateful for. I had a healthy and loving family, a caring church family, reliable transportation between school, work, and home and so much more.

I was grateful for so much but hadn’t stopped to give thanks for all I had. I was grateful for….well, the more I thought about it, the more I found to be thankful for. This approach transformed me and my management of the busy days of my life then and now.

All these years later the idea of the turtle crossing the road, not knowing if it will make it or not, stays with me. When the busyness of life overwhelms me, I stop and give thanks for the specifics of the day. When I see suffering and pain I intentionally look for the good that is happening around me and I give thanks.

By intentionally looking for and giving thanks for the good the “bad’ is minimalized. God is at work in our lives opening our eyes to that which is good in all situations. For when we become aware of God here‐with‐us and we give thanks for what is upon us we can find peace and be open to God’s work in our lives.

As we move into Thanksgiving season, I invite you to live with this truth:

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” —Meister Eckhart

Do know I am thankful for you!

Happy ThanksGiving,

Pastor Deb

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