My sincere apologies

September 2020

Greetings All,

Late in May my article for this newsletter included information about a situation that happened and resulted with someone coming to the Mora church requesting assistance. My newsletter article was written from my perspective at the time. Writing from my perspective I neglected to consider the impact to others.

In the article I neglected to identify the location of an incident that lead up to a person arriving in Mora. By not identifying where the situation took place the article implied that the Kanabec County Sheriff’s department was involved.

The situation resulting with someone at the church door did not happen in Kanabec County but instead happened somewhere in the Hinckley area. It was not the Kanabec County Sheriff’s department that was involved but instead law enforcement from another county (I do not know which county).

By not identifying the county and saying that the person was taken by ambulance to the Mora hospital I implied, without saying it, that the Kanabec County Sheriff’s department was involved.

My negligence in leaving out information was hurtful and unnecessary. For this I accept responsibility and am deeply sorry. To make matters worse it took me close to three months to see the wrong I had done.

I am sorry for the hurt and confusion created by the article I wrote in the June newsletter. I specifically ask for forgiveness from Sheriff Brian Smith, his department, and his family. The words cannot be unwritten, but I do pledge to use the most caution possible in future writings.

Blessings to All.

Pastor Deb

 Worship Schedules

Mora UMC leadership, including Council, Worship, Finance, and others met August 13. At this meeting it was decided to continue with lawn chair worship and on-line worship. The opportunity to worship indoors will be evaluated again at the next meeting, September 10.  The on-line worship premieres at 10:25 and can be viewed on Facebook anytime after. Lawn chair worship starts at 10:30 a.m. and is located between the building and the meditation garden.

Ogilvie UMC is worshiping indoors at 9 a.m. each Sunday. In addition to in-person worship the service is aired on Facebook starting at 8:55 and can be viewed anytime after. The use of social distancing and facemasks are encouraged.













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