How God uses grace in our lives

Dear Friends in Christ;

We are beginning our third week during the Lenten season as I write this article.  This month, I wish to talk about Grace and how God uses it in our lives.  I read a story about a staff writer at a large church; her name was Susan Rigby.  She spoke during a worship service about the power of thirst. She recalled a time when she let a mission trip to Mexico with two hundred youth from her church.  What she remembers most was the unbelievable heat in which they were working.  Teenagers accustomed to their favorite flavor-of-the-month soft drinks and “scientific thirst quenchers” wanted only one thing:  water.  It is when we are going through a wilderness experience that we know that none of the slick commercial substitutes will satisfy our deepest longing.
The woman at the well was invited into a relationship, through Jesus, that would be like a “spring of water gushing up to eternal like” (John 4:14).
There is no life, no growth on this planet without water.  What a powerful sign it is for God’s Spirit.  Those in Babylon had experienced different levels of prosperity and cultural adaption.  The same could be said of us.  What they and we face is that even overwhelming success in both categories does not bring us life.  The One who sends the healing rains is the One who give us the invitation of grace.
This Lenten season, are your thirst for the things of God?  Do you hunger and thirst for righteousness?  Do you want more power and grounded faith in your daily walk with Christ?  Jump into the pool of grace!  Don’t dip your toe in, go to the side of the pool or off the diving board and jump in – unreservedly and with courage.  Let God’s grace, that unmerited favor of God envelop you, quench your spiritual thirst, enliven you and strengthen you.  You will step out refreshed, revived and re-created as you bask in the beauty of the unconditional love of God.
That is my prayer for you this season of Lent.  God bless you richly and together let us journey with Jesus on His pathway to Cross during Lent.
Your Friend in Christ,
Pastor Rob
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